Charity Drops. Water Provision and the Politics of the Zakat Chamber in Khartoum, Sudan


Dr. Salma Abdalla

Research Area:


This research is to understand how social groups in Khartoum try to cope with water scarcity and respond to this problem. The study is to analyze the role of religious institutions in water distribution. This is because Islam is playing a significant role in the politics and society of Sudan.

The main objective of this study is to provide a thorough description and analysis of how the Zakat institution works with a specific focus on the water services. To achieve this objective, the study will use organizational sociology as an analytical framework to describe and analyze the structure of this institution and how it is organized. The role of the Local Committees and Zakat Committees is also part of the analysis.

The importance of this study partly stems from the fact that no empirically based academic work exists on the activities of the Zakat institution in Khartoum. It is remarkable how the current regime instrumentalizes religion to legitimize the control of Zakat in the name of poverty reduction and services delivery. It is also interesting to look at how these interpretations are implemented in the local level.