Corporate Social Responsibility Conduct/Disclosure In the Experience of Sudanese Islamic Banks, 2008-2010


Dr. Ahmed El-Hassab

Research Area:


Islamisation of the banking system means that banks operate under the Islamic banking system should subscribe to the principles of Islamic Sharia in their business transactions. The essential point is the prohibition of charging interest, which should be replaced by the arrangement of profit/loss sharing.

Beside the traditional banking services, Islamic banks are supposed to provide their customers with financial products that do not violate Sharia. Moreover, Islamic banks are expected to subscribe to a policy of CSR among the societies they operate. CSR is very important for Islamic banks and because of that, it is mentioned in many banks` constitutions. The insistance on CSR has led some researchers to describe Islamic banks as “banks having a social face”.

The existence of such religious banks which operate in an Islamic dominated society like Sudan provides us with an opportunity to explore the SR and CSR of such banks.