Enfances. De quelques recueils francophones de récits d'enfance


Dr. Maroua El-Naggare

Research Area:


My main focus is to depict on the one hand the plurality of images of Africa and oin the other hand the characteristics of writing the Early Self in two different genres such as the account and the short story. My corpus is composed by four Francophone accounts of authors who spent their childhood in 4 African spaces: Leila Sebbar (Algeria), Anne Bragance (Morocco), JMG Le Clézio (Nigeria) and by symbolic extension Maryse Condé (Guadeloupe).

My thesis would be divided in two main parts. In the first part, using rhetoric, linguistics and semiotics conceptual tools, I will examine the autobiographical practice and differences in treatment according to the textual form: account, short story. I will proceed with an analysis based on intertextuality/ transgénéricité, modes fiction / factual to bring patents models to the childhood accounts. In the second part, I will make use of the narrative and pragmatic toolkit. Consequently, the poetics analysis will be based on four strands (space/ memory and history/ alter/ child perspective) through which a comparison of the texts of the corpus will be conducted.