Ent-Täuschung des weißen Blicks. Rassismussensible Strategien für eine ideologiekritische Filmanalyse


Dr. Julia Dittmann

Research Area:


This PhD project aims at developing strategies for a deconstructive film analysis through its exploration of the staging of white femininity within Occidental feature films and African “Third Cinema”. Are Occidental film texts producing white female hegemony at the expense of Black characters? If yes, what strategies are found in African “Third Cinema” that deconstruct such a hegemonic staging?

In the first instance, feminist film theory will be combined with critical whiteness theory. This enlarged theoretical model will be used to analyse – within a deductive analytical method – Occidental feature films whose main female white protagonist is located in Africa. The second part of my project is dedicated to subversive strategies within African “Third Cinema”. An inductive analytical procedure will reveal how hegemonic images of female Whiteness are deconstructed within certain African feature films. Film analysis, film theory and film practice will cross-fertilise each other here.

Finally, I want to develop a toolbox of possible strategies for staging representations of power, particularly in relation to race, class and gender. This toolbox will facilitate the uncovering and deconstruction of medial symbols of white hegemony.