L'environnementalisme en Afrique francophone. La représentation de l'environnement dans la littérature et le cinéma africains francophones au sud du Sahara.


Dr. Yawo Koto

Research Area:


The dissertation deals with the representation of the environment in works of African authors from the francophone area. More precisely, the research focuses on questions about how the environment is depicted, the way the environment appears in works of African authors and the functions that are attributed to it. Furthermore, proceeding from the geographical configuration of the environment, the analysis aims to point out its physical and symbolical values as well as its influence on the characters.

In order to bring out the diversity of the represented environment, the selected corpus takes into consideration two different media (literary and filmic) as well as two different regions (West Africa and Central Africa) and constitutes two novels and two movies from the respective region. This makes it possible to investigate the influence of the regional specificities of the environment on the work of the authors.