Etude du ngbem, parler gangam de Koumongou. Description et analyse comparative


Mimboabe Bakpa

Research Area:


The work is based on both a descriptive and a comparative study that will help to fill gaps in Gur research and beyond. The descriptive study is done by analysing synchronically the data collected on the field research from the intensive survey. The comparative study is made possible by the extensive documentation in Gur linguistics. The result from the synchronic analysis will be the establishment of the phonology, the tonology, the morphology and the syntax of the Koumongou language. Based on that result, the comparative study includes gurma languages such as Dye, Gulmancema and Moba in order to show their relationships and confirm several hypotheses formulated by scholars about the membership of Gangam within the Gurma group.

Apart from the contribution to scientific progress, the study participates in the codification of a language for the benefit of its speakers.