Gouvernance de la sécurité au Bénin : les chasseurs néo-traditionnels dans le système sécuritaire


Issifou Abou Moumouni

Research Area:


Security as part of the sovereign power of the state constantly feeds into the political discourse with the use of expressions such as: “maintain order and safety”, “secure peace”, “ensure the free movement of people and goods”. But the realisation of this objective is subject to tremendous difficulties such as the lack of adequate equipment and understaffed official security institutions. The problem has prompted people to invent alternative solutions. One consequence is the proliferation of non-state actors involved in the field of security. The private security companies, self-defence and vigilante groups are now non-state actors in the field of security. These groups largely operate on the basis of their own standards, which often defy those of the state by introducing a non-state order. In view of the diversity of its modes of action and the multiplicity of actors’ motivations that vary with contexts, this phenomenon deserves special attention. Despite the magnitude of the phenomenon, no systematic study has been done to date on the issue in Benin. The purpose of this thesis therefore is to investigate vigilantism focusing on the evolution and relationships between those actors and the local government and the community in North of Benin.