Intimität und Sexualität vor der Ehe. Werbung (courtship) und Werte im Wandel in Kumasi und Endwa (Ghana)


Dr. Astrid Bochow

Research Area:



The PhD project researched love, intimacy and sexuality among the Twi speaking population with a lower middle class background in the city of Kumasi and Endwa, a rural town close to Kumasi. It asked if and how young people are informed by global ideas and images of romantic love, companionate marriage and sexuality and explored the impact of charismatic Pentecostal Churches as globalised and globalising agencies on young people’s love and sexual relationships. These have a strong impact on Ghanaian society and inform young people’s life styles for instance through the penetration of the media. The research further looked into schools as a sexualised youth space and here into the celebration of the Valentine’s day, a consumerist festival which has been launched by the media since the liberalisation of the latter in the 1990s.

Leaning on Niklas Luhmann the thesis pursues looking at Akan concepts of ‘love’ as a language of intimacy and questions sexual and loving subjectivities of young people living in Endwa and Kumasi, Ghana. It contributes to the anthropology of sexuality and intimacy, the anthropology of youth and the anthropology of Pentecostalism.