Islamic Construction of Gender in Accra: The Role of Islamic Religious Authorities in Mediating Marital Conflicts


Dr. Fulera Issaka-Toure

Research Area:


Despite the changes brought about in human societies through modernity, religion continues to be a major force in the experience and the organisation of human life. This project singles out one of the areas of the continuing relevance of religion, thus marriage and marital conflicts among Muslims of Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Islamic Religious rules concerning marital relationships arouse passions because of their strong hold on gender roles, which have been the subject of protracted debates and conflicts. Islamic norms governing the rights and duties of women have been particularly controversial as  they seem to be biased against women. The present project seeks to analyse the construction of gender roles from the perspective of Muslims as well as Muslim leaders  involved in marital conflicts either as protagonists of the conflict (women/men) or as mediators of the conflict (religious leaders) because the mediators serve as bearers of the Islamic religious tradition in contemporary societies.