Kulturtransfer in der Übersetzung von Literatur und Film am Beispiel von Semèbene Ousmanes Novelle Niiwam und deren Verfilmung Niiwam der lange Weg


Louis Ndong

Research Area:


This research focuses on translation of African literature and film as means of intercultural communication. 


The main research objective of this work is to explore the difficulties that are prominent in translation of African literary texts and films and how these difficulties can be managed. Furthermore, in this research I envisage to deal with the technical problems that surround the issue of subtitles as form of audiovisual translation. The corpus of the work is based on Sembène Ousmanes novel Niiwam, written in French with a strong influence of the Wolof language, its adaptation with Wolof original dialogues Niiwam, the German version of the novel Niiwam and the German subtitled film version Niiwam. Der lange Weg. The complexities of the exchange of mediums during the adaptation of the novel will also be analysed. Hence, the following four procedures will be followed and serve as the pillar of my dissertation in order to meet the above mentioned objectives and put my research into theoretical perspectives:


-   The influence of Sembène´s mother tongue (Wolof) on his French written novel (literary work production)

-   The back translation from the written French text (of the novel) to the oral Wolof film dialogues (film adaptation)

-   The translation of the novel from French into German (literary translation)

-   The direct translation of the film from Wolof into German (film translation / subtitles)