L'intraduisible en question. Problématique linguistique africaine et décolonisation conceptuelle, une lecture critique


Dr. Abraham Brahima

Research Area:


The main question of this PhD dissertation project is: how to translate and teach efficiently modern sciences into African languages? The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate, through the theories of some scholars and writers, that the issue of language in Africa has more to do with translatability than with infrastructure or political engagement as is often stated. Moreover, most of the authors who addressed this issue restricted their arguments to factual observations. Instead of isolate conceptions, this research will use a thorough interdisciplinary approach bringing together literature, cognitive and comparative linguistics, philosophy of language and sociology of science. Furthermore, scientific concepts from natural and social sciences as well as from social interactions will be analyzed in order to test their capacity to be hosted in Ewe and Fongbe. Theoretical insights from Yoruba and Akan will also be used for the purpose of illustration. Methods of semantic linguistics such as taxonomy and theory of lexical fields will be used to demonstrate to what extent the views raised by African scholars and writers about the issue of translatability are correct and in which ways they work on an empirical level.