La perception du milieu naturel à travers la littérature orale Touareg Kel Aïr du Niger


Ghousmane Mohamed

Research Area:


The relationship between Kel Ewey Tuaregs with their environmental area will be analyzed in case of dichotomy between nature and culture in Aîr and Tenere National Natural Reserve, particularly in Local Park founded by legendary mystic Sheikh Sidi Mahmud el Baghdadi or Shurufa. Here many people among Twareg of north Niger think that numerous species are protected by divine malediction or habitats of jinns; some plants have a soul (e.g Olivier de Laperrine (Alaw) and can be used only by respecting certain rituals. Also, the notion of environment or the relationship between man and environment is based on the dichotomy between nature and culture. In Tchighozerine tin ennig (local park of north Niger), we meet one side, the occidental conception (Nature – Culture) categorized by P. Descola (2005) as naturalism in his topology of epistemologies, on another side the cultural conception of Shurufa inhabitants, specialists in geomancy intermediaries between the two worlds and offspring of the prophet that I propose to study: the domestic one and the wild one.