La traite des enfants et l'application des conventions internationales relatives aux droits de l'enfant en République du Bénin


Dr. Sakinatou Bello

Research Area:


The study aims to point out the ineffectivity of the international instruments of child rights protection in Benin. It supports an improvement or adoption of the social laws for protection of child rights in the Republic of Benin. To this end the study adopts a methodology that challenges legal texts. The research will use existing information on child slavery as well as interviews with lawyers, magistrates, NGO representatives, and human rights activists. It will furthermore analyze the ratification, application and adoption of international conventions and instruments including the ICPRC, the African Charter and the Conventions 138 and 182 of the International Organization for Labour in Benin. Finally, the study centers on collecting information on mechanisms that international and sub-regional bodies such as the United Nations and the African Union could use to monitor the effectiveness of protection instruments and push state parties to ensure the implementation of all existing measures to eradicate violations of the child rights.