Le foncier urbain à Bamako / Mali - Processus dans l'impasse et diligence des acteurs face à l'équation


Dr. Lamine Doumbia

Research Area:


This research attempts to attain two ends: to reconstruct diachronically the evolution of the land tenure system; and, more importantly, offer a thorough description and interpretation of the behaviours and the emic perceptions of social actors who are involved in the policy and process of urban land tenure in Bamako. The emphasis is on understanding the factors of innovation and permanence that characterise processes and dynamics of the last century as well as the present.

The option to apply a legal anthropological perspective compels the researcher to comply with the pluralistic logic of (land) dispute settlement in Mali. This means in the first instance not to consider the positivist modern institution of jurisdiction, which has been implemented by the colonial state.

The central question thus is “what is law?”. Analysing the pre and post-history of land dispute settlement within and beside state structures is one of the main objectives of this PhD research. Moreover, the project includes the influence of global challenges on local structures in Bamako in terms of commoditisation of land that may lead to a more general and theoretical discussion of usus fructus (appropriation) and property within the fields of both legal and economic anthropology.