Le mythe de l'Albinos dans les Récits Subsahariens Francophones


Dr. Tsevi Dodounou

Research Area:


This project studies the African Albino, as a central issue in literature and as a myth. The Albino character’s status in society is studied as a literary illustration as well as an indicator of the way alterity is accepted or rejected. Furthermore, this PhD dissertation project emphasizes the relationship between literature and myth, considering the latter as an imaginary construction. Taking the representations of the Albino as its reference point, my project will first analyse these representations as expressions of issues of identity and otherness, and secondly as representations of postcolonial questions. The otherness of the Albino, synonym of deterioration or falsification, seems to lead to a loss of identity. Otherness – in its triple value of distinction, deterioration and distance – and identity have a complex relation of opposition and complementarity, which is embodied by the Albino in its relations with the non-Albino. Through the literary representation of this popular figure – despized or idealized in the society – it is postcolonial concerns, notably marginality, hybridity, enunciation, identity, alterity, process of reversal that are raised. In this way, the literary figure of the albino questions the “imperial” gaze of the society.