Les ruptures conjugales à Niamey, Niger : processus, stratégies des négociations et systèmes de gestions.


Najoum Abdourahamane Alhassane

Research Area:


Marriages and divorces are topics which interest and continue to interest sociology and ethnology. But marital break is a phenomenon less treated in literature compared to marriage.

However, despite the insufficient existence of literature on the field of marital break, the latter are not to be neglected. In fact, in 2013 for instance, over 3034 declared marriages in three (3) town councils of Niamey, there have been 917 cases of registered separations.

Most of these separations are divorces. Among these 917 cases of separation, 600 couples separate without children.

Repudiation cases are less registered though they can be as important as divorces or even more important than divorces, in terms of number.

- What explains this phenomenon?

• Thirst of material or non-material of the individuals, the rivalry between individuals in matrimonial competitions, the growing expectations from each other in the search for better life in a constant changing economic society, justify the marital break inNiamey.

The objective of this project is to study the various forms of marital breakdown, their causes and their complexities in Niamey in an empirical research, using qualitative method so as to contribute in the understanding of the phenomenon.