Les discours sur l'homosexualité au Sénégal. L'analyse d'une lutte représentationnelle.


Dr. Aminata Cécile Mbaye

Research Area:


This research project aims to give a systematic, historical and anthropological account of the different representations of and discourses on homosexuality in Senegal.

In many African countries sexual relationships between persons of the same sex are increasingly under denial - denial that is legally underscored by the interdiction of homosexuality in thirty-nine states. In Senegal the legal repression of homosexuality predicates on Article 319 of the Criminal Code, which allows for the conviction of individuals in homosexual relationships with up to five years imprisonment. Meanwhile, the issue of homosexuality figures frequently within public speeches by religious leaders and authorities who see same-sex sexual practices as a sign of “depravity” and “vice” resulting from colonialism and the continuous contact with western civilisation. Recently this legal and religious condemnation has been accompanied by growing efforts of political and social mobilisation resulting from a novel increase of severity conveyed by public accusation.

In light of these recent developments, my study is an effort to understand the meaning of homosexuality and its contestations in the contemporary Senegalese society, as well as amongst those living within samesex relationships.