Localized Adaptation to Climate Change: Pastoral Agency under Changing Environments in Dry Land Parts of Upper Awash Valley, Ethiopia


Dr. Girum Getachew Alemu

Research Area:


Karrayu pastoralist communities have undergone changes of livelihood over the past half a century. These changes have been triggered both by internal as well as external factors. In response to these changes, new forms of livelihoods and institutional arrangements that are ‘alien’ to the Karrayu communities are mushrooming. These responses (both individual and collective) in turn have implications for the natural environment in which these processes of change are happening. However, how these new forms of livelihoods and the associated social changes are interacting in the Karrayu community in the presence of the state has not been well documented. In line with this, this study expects to critically probe the adaptation and coping strategies of the pastoralists to their environment while interacting with the state. Also the study will investigate how the different institutional responses are inscribed in the same place and how it is possible to build on these to buffer households from the existing climate change. Further, the study attempts to identify and establish the possible social policy responses that should be in place when adaptation to climatic processes fails in dry land parts of Ethiopia.