Modernizing Indigenous Priesthood and Revitalizing Old Shrines: Current Developments on Ghana's Religious Landscape


Dr. Genevieve Nrenzah

Research Area:


This project is about the contemporary resurgence of indigenous religions on Ghana’s religious landscape. It pays particular attention to the agents involved in the transformations, their activities, worshippers, their indigenous religious practices, the strategies they are adopting and the overall implications of the developments for an understanding of the contemporary indigenous religious fields of Africa in general. This study would employ ethnographic research methods in collecting information on the main agents of the resurgence (priests), their shrines/clients, workers/helpers, subscribers/adherents, non-worshippers, fans, consumers and natives of the locations of study. The geographical locations of the study are Akomadan-Afrancho and Obuasi in the Ashanti region, Azuleluanu in Western Region, Moree near Cape Coast in Central region and Atimpoku-Adome in the Eastern region of Ghana.