Childbearing in Practice: Expectations and Experiences among the Fulbe in Central Mali


Dr. Brahima Diallo

Research Area:


Approaching women’s reproductive attitudes and the knowledge transaction among actors involved in the management of pregnancy, childbirth and babies' healthcare, this work tries to understand the ways Fulbe community in the centre of Mali deal with mothers and babies health issues. Dealing with these issues, the work focuses on people's knowledge and experiences providing helps to pregnant women and babies in the local community. These helps can be traditional remedies (plants or animal products), biomedical health services, and the Koranic ones. Moreover, local people's observation of taboos (food, other particular behaviors, etc.) will be also approached. The main purpose of this work is to provide ethnographic data on social and cultural basis of the management of pregnancy, childbirth and newborn babies' healthcare. By depicting these realities with concrete details about Fulbe people in central Mali, we think, will enable us to understand the whole and complex issues of women and children health conditions, as seen from the perspective of a local community. Major settings of this project are the community itself, the health institution, and Medecin du Monde, an NGO working to improve the capacities of the health institution to provide maternal and infant health services.