Organisation - Vernetzung - Bewegung. Frauenbewegungen in Kenia und Brasilien


Dr. Antje Daniel

Research Area:


The PhD explores differences and similarities between Kenyan and Brazilian women’s organizations within national civil society and their transnational activities. To begin with, the study examines and compares types and networking of women’s nongovernmental organizations within national civil society. At the same time, the PhD considers how women’s organisations interact across borders. Since the mid of 1990s transnational networks and spaces became more and more important for Kenyan and Brazilian women’s organisations, because they offer new possibilities in information, exchange or building up and strengthening coalitions and identities. While mostly women’s activists assign transnational cooperation importance, scope and distinctive features of transnational actions differ. On the basis of analyzing national and transnational futures of women’s engagement and their respective national and transnational opportunity structures the particular complement of national and transnational activities of Kenyan and Brazilian women’s organization become obvious.