The Perception of HIV/AIDS among Students in North-Eastern Nigeria


Dr. Baba Mai Bello

Research Area:


This is a comparative study of the perception of HIV/AIDS in northern Nigeria, involving the two languages most commonly associated with HIV/AIDS communication in the region. The comparison, based on the cognitive linguistic view of language as a reflection of human experience and the way we perceive and conceptualise our world, is done by analysing subconscious perceptions of HIV/AIDS within the general population, conscious text production and reception of sensitisation messages as well as HIV/AIDS conceptualisations through metaphors. Approaches used for this purpose are content analysis, questionnaires as well as group interviews. Pilot studies conducted using these strategies have shown considerable conceptual differences in HIV/AIDS communication in the two languages, a fact that shall be corroborated in the main thesis. Overall, it is hoped that this work will be valuable, not only in the academic realm of cognitive linguistics and HIV/AIDS research, but also to HIV/AIDS campaigners and policy makers, as the issues raised will be useful in formulating future sensitization work on HIV/AIDS.