Polygyny Among the Middleclass in Ghana: An Anthropological Study of Urban Family Life


Evam Glover M. Phil.

Research Area:


The study focuses on power issues at play in polygynous families in the Tamale Metropolis (the Regional capital of the Northern region of Ghana). It explores the choices that both men and women make in such families; how these choices differ between both women and men, between different life stages and the implications for meeting both their practical and the strategic needs for safeguarding their reproductive health and rights in this social context. This study will demonstrate the divergence of interests and the agency of individual actors within polygynous domestic groups. It seeks to demonstrate the need for innovative sexual/reproductive health interventions that take cognizance of the cultural position of women and men in polygynous unions.

Triangulation of methods will be crucial in this study. Data will be gathered through focus group discussions, participant observation, biographical narratives and a survey questionnaire using the interview approach.