Power Relations of Development: The Case of Dam Construction in the Nubian Homeland, Sudan


Dr. Tamer Abd Elkreem

Research Area:


My research project deals with a highly contested,proposed dam in the northern part of Sudan. The particular focus of this research is to explore the debates about the proposed dams in the Nubian region of Sudan and the perceptions and practices of various actors – government, opposition movements and the local population – regarding the dam’s feasibility and future impact. I want to show how each of the actors evaluates the economic, social and cultural as well as the environmental impact of the dam. Special attention will be given to the complex interactions between the people representing the two opposing views in the matter, those in favour of implementation and those resisting the dam, and the local and regional ramifications of their actions and arguments.

Main research questions:

– What are the conflicting visions underlying the state and anti-dam Nubians’ perception about the feasibility
of the dam?

– How do the parties involve manage these conflicting visions?