"Recently there were a lot of changes" - Translations of the "Adaptation to Climate Change Paradigm" in Rwanda


Dr. Claudia Gebauer

Research Area:


As climate change has become a globally debated phenomenon, this research project is inquiring how the international discourse of adaptation is being received and dealt with in the Republic of Rwanda. The Rwandan context itself is being shaped by a long history of ecological intervention, a long-time dependency on natural resources and the development vision to become a third sector-service hub in the region. The study involves an assessment of the different conceptualizations of climate change adaptation among different stakeholders as well as an understanding of an actor-network dealing with climate change adaptation on multiple levels. Related institutionalizations (e.g. the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority, REMA or the National Fund for Climate and Environment, FONERWA) and materializations (e.g. various interventions in the agricultural sector) are being taken into account as translations of the adaptation paradigm in Rwanda. Methodologically the study is designed as a multisided ethnography and draws on interviews, participant observation and policy analysis to assess the Rwandan translations of climate change adaptation and their specific assemblage of actors.