Recits d'Origine et de Fondation des Communautes Nomades et Sedentaires du Tassili n Azjer (Algerie/Libye)


Dr. Dida Badi

Research Area:


One of the consequences of the images inherited from the violent relationship between French colonial forces and Tuareg consists in presenting them everywhere as a nomadic society producing disorder. The work of Henry Duveyrier (1864), for example, on the Northern Tuareg, contributed to re-enforce this image. This research investigates how this image of nomadic disorder developed and how it is used as a paradigm to analyse the Tuareg society by obliterating its sedentary dimension. We propose by taking into account, for the first time, the knowledge and know-how of the sedentary and nomadic Tuareg communities of Tassili N Azjer in order to carry out the following objectives: to contribute to the historical knowledge of Tassili populations; to propose a new approach of the Tuareg society by taking into account its sedentary dimension; and to converge these two main focuses to a new approach to the problems of the formation and the development of the Tuareg political system. This research is based on field investigations carried out by a local researcher. In this regard, it contributes to the range of other studies carried out by researchers in their own societies (Diawara 1990, Fixico 2001).