Refugee Women and the Experience of Local Integration in Nairobi, Kenya


Dr. Rosemary Jaji

Research Area:


The study aims to understand the prospects for local integration and the experiences of refugee women self-settled in Nairobi. It addresses two main issues namely the gender dimension of the refugee status and the process of local integration as an option to the confinement of refugees in refugee camps in Kenya. On gender, attention is paid specifically to refugee women from eight nationalities in the Horn of Africa and East Africa. The study highlights the political, economic, socio-cultural and legal dimensions of integration and relates these to refugee women’s experiences in Nairobi. The study comprises of six chapters each of which presents in ethnographic detail refugee women’s experiences in relation to the various dimensions of integration. It chronicles the travails, possibilities and opportunities of life for self-settled refugee women in Nairobi. Overall, the study presents how refugee women experience local integration which is recommended by the UNHCR as one of three durable solutions to refugee problems apart from voluntary repatriation and third country resettlement.