(Re)mapping Luanda. Nostalgie & Utopie in der ästhetischen Praxis


Dr. Nadine Siegert

Research Area:


The main research question is the role of contemporary art in Angola within the context of a postwar society and the process of “nation-building”. This question is discussed along­side a survey of the most important art event since the end of the civil war in 2002 – the first Trienal de Luanda – a very ambitious but also contested organisation. I explore whether the Trienal de Luanda was able to develop sustainable local structures sufficient enough to establish Luanda as a landmark on the global map of contemporary art. The dissertation project is based on a cartography of the places of art production and the different artist groups in the capital Luanda and an overview of the history of modern and contemporary art pro­duction since independence in 1975. Beside, selected artworks are analysed alongside two main topics: the cultural archive and the (urban) space. The reflection ofthe recent civil-war and the topics of memory and violence in the artworks are discussed here, to examine if and how trauma can be articulated through art within a dominant discourse of violence.