Reproductive Dilemmas in the Pro-natalist Sudan: Perceptions of Causes, Treatment Practices, and Consequences of Female Infertility in the Town of Tamboul


Dr. Abu Baker Ahmed Abdel Rahman Al Hadi

Research Area:


The study focuses on knowledge and common perceptions of the causes, treatment practices such as traditional and modern healing methods, and the stigmatisation of female infertility in Tamboul town. Infertility poses a threat because it is a biological dysfunction that can lead to many other social problems and consequences, including stigmatisation, divorce and marital disputes in situations in which women are initially held responsible for infertility, as well as within the extended family. The study will investigate perceptions, beliefs and socio-cultural factors of female infertility with respect to the views of the social environment in which infertile women find themselves. Moreover, the research explores the ways in which infertile women manage their situation in the community and respond to social pressures, ostracism and stigmatisation.

The study will concentrate on ethnographic qualitative techniques combined with quantitative techniques in order to yield information that is relevant to the topic.