Le sena̰r (langue senufo du Burkina Faso): éléments de description et d’influence du jula véhiculaire dans un contexte de contact de langues


Dr. Daouda Traoré

Research Area:


The objective of this study is to examine the influences of the lingua franca Dyula on Senar language in lexical, phonological and grammatical respects, in the rural area of Kankalaba (south-western Burkina Faso). For such a study it is necessary to have a good linguistic knowledge of both languages in contact in order to reach a good result. But, in contrast to Dyula, Senar is not yet satisfactorily described. In this regard the first part of this study, which will be divided into two parts, will describe the Senar language through its phonology and aspects of grammar, to revise and supplement the three previous works on the language. In the second part, I will attempt to identify the lexical, phonological and grammatical features of Dyula in the speeches of individual Senar speakers through recorded oral texts. This part will also present the results of a sociolinguistic survey conducted with the same interviewed persons. The linguistic interest of this thesis lies in its expected output to not only add to the scientific knowledge on this Senufo language, but also to contribute to enhancing knowledge on the situation of contact between Dyula and Senufo languages. Thus, it can contribute to improve the internal classification of the Senufo group.