Sensibilisation contre le VIH/SIDA au Cameroun: Analyse sémiolinguistique des affiches


Dr. Diderot Djiala Mellie

Research Area:


The fight against HIV/AIDS in the world is no longer concentrated only on biomedical research since it includes nowadays the involvement of preventive strategies based on social communication. In Cameroon, this social communication against HIV/AIDS is jointly done by the governmental and nongovernmental organisations. Both make use of the same channel of communication in order to inform, to sensitise or to strengthen the population’s knowledge and safe reaction against this pandemic. This dissertation project entitled “Analyse sociolinguistique et communicative des sensibilisations médiatiques contre le VIH/SIDA au Cameroun" aims at analysing the messages of social communication spread by fix media in Cameroon. Our objective is to study and find out whether the media sensitisation messages in this specific milieu match with target groups’ perceptions and expectations to achieve the aim of creating awareness on HIV/AIDS. From this expectation, we assume that a clear and objective picture of the communication forms and situation on HIV/AIDS in this specific context relies on actors’ language and metalanguage/epilinguistic activities on this health phenomenon. To achieve our research goal, we are going to integrate content analysis approach to the qualitative method for empirical data collection with the aim of coming out with two types of data: in one hand, the fix images from their different locations and, in the other hand, the respondents’ perceptions on HIV/AIDS prevention discourse in their environment.