Spoken Word Goes Digital. Performance Poetry und Social Media in Harare (SIMBABWE) und Johannesburg (SÜDAFRIKA). Eine gendersensible Analyse.


Dr. Ricarda de Haas

Research Area:


New urban forms of literature such as Spoken Word, Poetry Slam and Performance Poetry are gaining in importance in Southern Africa. Recognition and revolt are characteristics that may explain their immense success, although some emphasise the fact that in form and style they have a link to older forms of orality. Recently designed forms of literature in connection with digital technologies are emerging, such as poetic blogs or video recordings of spokenword performances on youtube. My research aims at analysing both the live performances and their mediatised counterparts by focusing on three central elements of performance, namely body, voice, and space. The question arises as to what extent these new forms have created new transmediatic genres. Thus the study aims to add to the ongoing debate about the intersection of orality, the written word and digital technology. My research will be based on selected venues in Harare / Zimbabwe and in Johannesburg/ South Africa and will also focus on eminent poets such as Comrade Fatso, Outspoken Tha Humble Neophyte, Linda Gabriel, Kgafela oa Magogodi, Phillipa Yaa de Villiers, Lebogang Mashile and others.