Station Ventures: Road Transport, Roadside Economies and Urban Hustle in Ghana


Dr. Michael Stasik

Research Area:


In contemporary West Africa, the bus station represents an epitome of social life. Being both a hub for travel and transport and a nerve centre for commerce and trade, on the station’s grounds a great many people interact with each other in a great many ways. It is in the bus station that the flows, transactions and connections of the wider social, material and immaterial structures it is integrated into are being regulated, sustained and at times also disrupted.

Framed within the DFG-funded research project ‘Roadside and travel communities’, my research sets out to explore the Neoplan Station, Ghana’s busiest interregional travel hub. It proposes an ethnographic approach towards the station’s uniquely dense space and the confusing plethora of relations it accommodates – aspiring, on the one hand, to tackle the desideratum that the description and the analysis of the plurality of lifeworlds concurring at West African travel hubs still represents to academia; and, on the other hand, to advance an anthropologically-founded epistemology of the elusive line of demarcation between complex orders and states of disorder.