Studierende als Akteure im politischen Wandel Afrikas. Eine vergleichende Analyse studentischer Mobilisierung und Organisation in Mali und Kenia


Dr. Anna Deutschmann

Research Area:


Youth and student protests in various African countries have provoked political transformations dating back to the struggle for independence. Students are easily mobilised, initiate political activism and can act as civil society actors and opposition to the state. Specific relations between students and the government differ according to the historical era, politics and geopolitical situation. When and in which scope can students develop significant relevance for socio-political change? And how do they change themselves in this process or trajectory? This study is a theoretical and a comparative empirical analysis on the function, meaning and development of student organisations and their socio-political impact in Mali and Kenya. The theoretical framework integrates theories of social movements and elites, as well as theories of social change and modernisation. This project uses empirical data to investigate the influence of student organisations: Interviews with former and current members of different organisations will be analysed to reconstruct internal and external developments of institutions as well as personal and professional opportunities for their members. The research contributes to the understanding of the history and development of African civil societies and socio-political change by analysing two complementary cases and exploring a neglected but promising field of research.