The History of Use and Conservation of Marine Resources in Zanzibar: Nineteenth Century to the Present


Dr. Abdallah Mkumbukwa

Research Area:


This study aims to examine the historical evolution and context of conservation of marine resources in Zanzibar, from the early colonial era up to the present period. More specifically, the study will examine the use and misuse of mangroves and coral reefs in Zanzibar. It will show how activities such as unregulated fishing and relatively massive constructions - using coral stones and mangrove poles as significant building materials - have affected marine environment in Zanzibar over the historical period. Also the study will analyze the way people perceived, adapted and cope with changes as well as the resulted effects of the environmental changes. Another part of the study will account for the indigenous conservation methods and practices as well as the interface between them and the modern methods, practices and policies of conservation of marine resources in Zanzibar.

The study will use both qualitative and quantitative techniques. It will employ stratified random sampling technique to select a population, basing on age, gender and occupations. Population will be selected from different selected areas, villages and houses/households. The study is expected to find out and analyze the available indigenous methods used to conserve marine resources in Zanzibar during and after the colonial period. It will further examine the way the indigenous people interacted with the different new social and economic environments from the early colonial period in Zanzibar up to the 2000s.