The Media in Society: Religious Radio Stations, Socio-Religious Discourse and National Cohesion in Tanzania


Dr. Francis Ng'atigwa

Research Area:


Over years, through religious programmes, media have intensively been used by Christians and Muslims in evangelism and da’wa respectively directed towards bringing about growth in members, strengthening of the faithful, assertion of social visibility and competition for social and economic resources among other purposes.

The new liberal economy in 1990s has changed not only the social and economic systems but also the media landscape of Tanzania. Before this period, Tanzania mainland had only one radio station owned by the government, Radio Tanzania Dar-es-Salaam (RTD). Currently, there are 64 radio stations, 24 among them are radio stations owned by religious organisations.

Through these religious radio stations the mosque and the church are on- air reaching vast majority of people in distant areas of Tanzania. What influences these religious radios have on audiences in Tanzania?

This research deals on assessing the consumption patterns and influences on audiences of two religious radio stations in Tanzania: Radio Imaan owned by the Islamic Foundation of Tanzania and Radio Maria Tanzania owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Songea.

This is an interdisciplinary research as it will incorporated fields of Media Studies and Religion. The major part of this research is qualitative; thus, Case study approach will be used to assess influences of Radio Imaan and Radio Maria to the audiences in Tanzania Morogoro municipal and Mwanza city.