Traduire des textes sur le VIH et le sida en basaa: Cas des affiches et des dépliants


Laure Peem

Research Area:


This study focuses on the use of translation as an effective means of communication in HIV/AIDS sensitization campaigns in particular, and in health communication in general. The choice of this pandemic was motivated by its social relevance. The group whose language is being investigated in this project is known as Basaa. The Basaa-speaking area is basically located in the southern part of Cameroon, Central Africa.


The main objective of this project is to explore the way HIV/AIDS-related texts could be better translated from French into Basaa. Considering that very little translation activities have been carried out in this area in the Basaa language, the analysis in this project shall be based primarily on texts translated by myself, taking account not only of my personal knowledge and competence, but also of data collected in the field. This study also aims at contributing to a better understanding of HIV/AIDS within the Basaa community by producing a series of translations and glossary on HIV/AIDS and related issues. Lastly, this project is a contribution to research on the Basaa language.