Translations of urban regulation within the relation of Kigali (Rwanda) and Singapore


Dr. Stephan Bock

Research Area:


The dissertation project uses the Master-Planning process of the City of Kigali to analyse a cooperative process of learning in urban regulation between actors located in the two highly specific urban contexts of Kigali and Singapore. This process entails diverse narrative framings and practices to model urban planning expertise – to render geographic imaginations transfer- and transformable – as well as concrete practices to make certain aspects of this knowledge work in legal frameworks, institutions and practices of Kigali's urban re-construction. The perspective of 'translocal learning' helps to focus on how relations of knowledge-transfer/-translation between different urban contexts are coordinated and performed through a range of institutions and actors. Furthermore it integrates an angle on how such a policy mobility process is transformed through recurring internal adjustments of different (trans-)local actors as well as changing institutional cooperations towards the implementation of a broad set of 'best-practice'-approaches in an urban administrative environment facing severe institutional and individual capacity gaps.