Transnational Migration-Development Nexus: The Engagement of Ethiopian Diaspora Associations Based in Germany


Dr. Mulugeta Bezabih Mekonnen

Research Area:


The potential link between migration and development in the country of origin has been a subject of great interest in academia following the introduction of transnationalism in migration studies in the 1990s. While this link had negative connotations in the 1970s and 80s, emphasis has increasingly turned towards the realisation of its potential contribution to the socio-economic development process in both origin and destination countries. This shift has caused policymakers to sharpen their focus on the issue. Nevertheless, they often formulate policies based on broad assumptions, as there is not enough knowledge available regarding the transnational activities of transmigrants and the consequences of these activities, particularly for the origin countries.

The main objective of this study is, therefore, to explore the role that Ethiopian migrant associations in Germany play in the socio-economic development process in Ethiopia. It will further look at the policy environment of both the Ethiopian and German governments with respect to the Ethiopian community in Germany.

This study will be relevant both from a scientific and development policy perspective. Firstly, it will contribute to the theory of transnationalism. Secondly, it will draw lessons from the activities of the Ethiopian migrant association on how to stimulate and support diaspora initiatives through public policies.