Zeitgenössische französischsprachige Roman- und Erzählliteratur Burundis. Zwischen einer nationalen, regionalen und globalen Literatur


Dr. Carolin Herzog

Research Area:


While the study of francophone literature in Ruanda has become established in literary studies, little attention has been paid to the francophone literature produced in the neighbouring East African country of Burundi. Although it is less distinctive, there is no denying that francophone literature is being produced by Burundian authors, and that it is increasing. While in the 1970s very little literature was being written in French, mainly poetry, this changed from the year 2000 onwards. The most noticeable change is the increased production of novels. The publication of an anthology entitled La littérature de langue française au Burundi, and the novels published recently by Archives&Musée de la littérature in the series Papier blanc Encre noir, provide us with an opportunity to become aware of francophone Burundian literature, and to treat the literature produced in the region of the Great Lakes more discerningly. Does Burundian literature show characteristics that are specific for the region or only for their country? The question arises to what extent can francophone literature in Burundi be regarded as a national literature.