Imagination der afrikanischen Migration in zeitgenössischen Filmen


Larissa Mbobda

Research Area:


In the age of globalization, the discussion of the issue of migration is confronted with new paradigms such as transnationalism and transculturality, which questions essentialist conceptions of national and cultural identity. Identity doesn’t appear as something static, closed and uniform anymore, but more as something in the process. The migrant is thus no more seen as a simple immigrant, but more as a transmigrant who can negotiate a new subjectivity with the power of his imagination. Transnational migration in a globalized context is a reality marked by paradoxes and new configurations.


In line with the above background, this study specifically focuses on the analysis of the film as the most typical aesthetic tools for analysing the artistic imagination of migration. Of the various cinematographic productions it is drawn a space in which concepts such as (De) territoriality, border, space, affiliation and cultural identity are scrutinized and reconfigured. By analysing how filmmakers imagine the so controversial topic of African migration to Europe, the study involves reviewing diachronically which representations and dynamics arise from this migratory imaginations. A particular attention is thereby paid on the impact of the “transnational turn” on migration cinematic productions.