Kenya-China encounters in literary spaces: histories, presences and futureS from the 1960's till the present


Mingqing Yuan

Research Area:


With more and more activities and migrants in Africa, China’s presence in Africa has nowadays attracted international attention and has received both affirmative comment and piercing criticism. In fact, interactions between China and Africa have long existed even before colonial time, however, even till nowadays, China is still seldom seen in African literature. What leads to this invisibility and the silenced presence of China in Africa? How is China imagined, represented and conceptualized in African literature through time? How does migration between the two continents influence and change this conceptualization? What is the underlying power mechanism and what does it imply for China-Africa relations and solidarity of the global south? This project focuses on these questions with an aim to gain a better view of China-Africa relations, deeper understanding of African literature and more insight into the identification of diasporic Africans through a closing reading and analysis of East African and South African literature.