Kulturpolitik in Tunesien, Marokko und Mali nach dem Arabischen Frühling – Förderinstrument für Stabilität?


Andreas Wüst

Research Area:


By combining cross-case and within-case comparisons, my study will try to provide some new theoretical insights into the interdependence and mutually reinforcing effects of cultural policies and domestic stability. I will do so by studying the cultural policies in three different countries which have all been affected by the Arab Spring in 2010/11. The countries examined are Tunisia, Morocco and Mali. To collect the necessary qualitative data, I will take a mixed methods approach using in-depth content analysis of media reports, archive material and offical documents as well as semi-structured interviews with experts and relevant actors on the ground. For the sake of practicability, I will limit myself to the analysis of three main categories of cultural policies, namely the treatment of religious questions, the treatment of ethnic and linguistic questions, and the treatment of material and immaterial cultural heritage.