North to South Migration: Portuguese labour migration to Angola


Asaf Cassule Noe Augusto

Research Area:


The study looks at Portuguese labour migration to Angola. Since the end of the Angolan civil war, Portuguese citizens and businesses have been migrating to Angola. This kind of migration is unique because most migration is theoretically defined as citizens from countries in the global south moving to countries in the north or from poor countries moving to rich countries, but the Portuguese migration to Angola is north to south migration. Portuguese unemployment, as well as economic austerity imposed after the economic crisis, has been the catalyst for migration to the former colony. The Angolan economy has been growing tremendously due to the oil boom but Angola as country still has lots of acute social problems, characteristic of many developing countries. Nevertheless, these problems have not hindered businesses and young Portuguese citizens from migrating to Angola to find job opportunities there. This dissertation argues that the Portuguese migration to Angola needs to be viewed in the light of the unemployment in Angola as well as the social problems. It will investigate why Portuguese migrants in Angola are able to find jobs in Angola market, when the majority of Angolans are still living the less the 1 dollar a day.