Senegalesische Filme in Mediascape: Mous Sène Absas Filme Madame Brouette und Yoolé


Mbaye Seye

Research Area:


This research work deals with the presence of Senegalese Films at Africa festivals in Germany. It focuses on a case study of the Senegalese film director Moussa Sène Absa and the presence of his films at festivals in the realm of the mediascape (Appadurai). The general framework is the mediascape. As a branch of mediascape, the film distribution plays an important role which is very close to questions of translation and reception of films like the transfers of dialogues by a film translation. This work therefore also aims at the reception of Senegalese films in connection with each translation, and the presence of Senegalese films in general and Moussa Sène Absa’s films in particular at well-chosen Film festivals in Germany (Die Berlinale –Berlin-, Europa Jenseits –Köln-, Afrikanische Filmtage –Saarbrücken- and Französische Filmtage –Tübingen). Basing our analysis on some films of Moussa Sène Absa (basically Madame Brouette and Yoolé, supplementary ça twiste à Popenguine, Teranga Blues and Tableau Féraille), I will analyse the question of film distribution and reception in festivals as part of the mediascape.