Past Events of BIGSAS



4th conference "Model African Union Bayreuth", 07-11 June

Workshop "ATLAS.ti and Individual Coaching", 02-03 July

BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures, 05-07 July

BIGSAS Journalist Award 2019, 29 October




Workshop "Managing Projects: Preparation, Conduct, Evaluation", 22-23 March

Symposium "Power to the People? Patronage, Intervention and Transformation in African Performative Arts", Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya, 20-25 March

Workshop "Gender and Social Encounters in Africa", 30 April

BIGSAS Forum for Young Scholars of African Literature, 12 May

3rd conference "Model African Union Bayreuth", 18-22 May

Workshop "Facilitating and Training Skills", 4 June

Workshop "Narrating Waves in Inner*Outer Space*Times", 5-6 June

BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures, 25-27 June

Symposium "Mining Collections: Some configurations of African Modernisms in institutional collections", 29-30 June

BIGSAS panel at the 9th World Congress of African Linguistics (WOCAL9), Rabat, Morocco, 25-28 August

Workshop "Consulting Skills for JFs", 25-26 October

BIGSAS Alumni Conference "The Future of African Studies Scholars in Africa and Abroad", Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 31 October - 02 November

Workshop "Practices of Teamwork", 16-17 November

Cinema Africa, 18-29 November




Conference "Model African Union", 18-23 April (BIGSAS as partner)

Workshop "Media, Culture and Society/History and Film", 24-28 April

Workshop "The Distorted Mirror: Reflections of Time and Space in Speculative Media", 29-30 April

Partner University Conference "African Linguistic Landscapes and Language Interaction in Traditional and Global Contexts", Université Mohamed V de Rabat, Rabat, Morocco, 4-6 May

BIGSAS Denkatelier / Forum for Thought / Les ateliers BIGSAS de la pensée with Euphrase Kezilahabi, 26 May


BIGSAS Journalistenpreis 2017, 29 May

BIGSAS Alumni Meeting, Workshop Day, 30 May

BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures, 8-10 June

Block seminar "Under the Baobab Tree: Reframing Perceptions and Conceptions of Indigenous Knowledge", 10-11 July

Workshop "Female Voices in Islam in 20th Century West Africa", 11-12 July

International Conference "Media Maghreb: Imagining North Africa in Audio-Visual Culture", 13-14 July

BIGSAS Career Day, 15 September

Workshop "Waiting in Africa", 28-30 September

BIGSAS International Transdisciplinary Symposium on Matter-Texts and Critical Posthuman Poetics, 23-24 October

Workshop "Researching and Writing Culture and Society. A workshop on research methods, data analysis and thesis write-up", 25-27 October

Conference "The Future of Governance in Africa", 2-3 November

Summer School "Escuela de Estudios Avanzados Diálogos ètnico-Raciales: África, América, Europa" in cooperation with Universidad del Valle, Calí, Colombia 

BIGSAS Partner Universities' Week and Colloquium, 12-15 December




International Colloquium "Entre ordre et instabilité. Les d´fis de(s) insécurité(s) dans les Afriques en transition", Université d'Abomey-Calavi, Cotonou, Benin, 10-12 March

Conference "Beauty and the Norm: Debating Standardization in Bodily Appearance", 6-8 April

Conference "Model African Union", 21-24 April (BIGSAS as partner)

"Asixoxe - Let's Talk" SOAS and BIGSAS Conferences on African Philosophy, 28-29 April and 9 May

BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures, 2-4 June

BIGSAS in Town 2016, 16 July

BIGSAS Denkatelier / Forum for Thought / Les ateliers BIGSAS de la pensée with Boubacar Boris Diop, 28 July

Workshop "Religious Engineering. Alternative Practices in the Context of Global Development?", 28-30 September

Partner University Conference "Media Cities: Mapping Urban Geography and Audiovisual Configurations", University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, 10-12 October

BIGSAS Denkatelier / Forum for Thought / Les ateliers BIGSAS de la pensée with Prof Dr D. A. Masolo, 20 October

Conference "Thinking through Concepts/Thinking through Data. Processes of Mediation and Pitfalls in Academic Dealings with African Lifeworlds", 21-23 October


Conference "Higher Education Partnership Trends and Policy Issues between African and European Higher Education Institutions", 3-4 November


Workshop "Encounters: Crossing perspectives - Crossing disciplinaries" in collaboration with the Doctoral School of Social Sciences, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, 14-16 November




Workshop "Researching Culture and Society", 9-10 February

Round Table with Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Rita Süssmuth, 29 April


BIGSAS Journalistenpreis 2015, 29 April

Workshop "Cultural Tourism and Indigenous Groups in Africa: Questions Raised and Lessons Learned, 2-3 June


BIGSAS Festival of African and African Diasporic Literatures, 2-6 June

BIGSAS in Town 2015, 18 July

Conference "Gender Matters: Visions from Africa for the Internationalisation of Higher Education", 4-6 November



Conference " Wagner and the Voodoo Priest: Sacred Performances in Bayreuth and Elsewhere", 12-14 February

Affirmation of the BIGSAS partnership and network, 5 May

Honorary Doctorate awarded to Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

Alumni Excursion to Bonn, 6-8 May

BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures, 26-28 June

BIGSAS@school Workshop Day "Afrika und Wir", 25 November

Workshop "Burning Questions: The quest for 'modern' energy sources in/for Africa", 14-17 December

Workshop "Religion and Space: Perspectives from African Experiences", 15-17 December





Conference "Archaeology of the Future / Archéologie du Futur", 24-26 January


BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures, 20-23 June


BIGSAS Journalistenpreis 2013, 10 July

International Workshop "Coping with the Quest for Happiness and the Preservation of Integrity of the Biosphere in Africa", 11-12 November





Conference "30 Jahre sozialwissenschaftliche Benin-Forschung in deutsch-beninischer Zusammenarbeit: Themen, Ergebnisse, Ausblicke", 8-12 March


International Workshop "The Making and Uses of Motor Roads", 7-9 June


Results announcement of the call for proposals of "Exzellenzinitiative des Bundes und der Länder", 15 June


BIGSAS Festival of African and African-Diasporic Literatures, 14-16 June


Workshop "Dynamics of Religious Reform Movements in Contemporary Africa", 27-28 June


Workshop "Contextualizing Law", 21 August






BIGSAS Journalistenpreis 2011, 15 April


BIGSAS Festival of African and African Diasporic Literatures 2011, 24-26 May


Workshop "Advanced Research Methods", 27-28 June


Conference "Tracks and Traces of Violence: Representation and Memorialisation of Violence in Africa in Art, Literature and Anthropology", 14-16 July


BIGSAS in Town 2011, 16 July


2nd BIGSAS Career Day, 20 October


Workshop on Ethics in Governance in Africa, 25-26 October






Workshop "Subjects of Writing - Writing the Subject", University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, 29 April - 1 May


1st BIGSAS Career Day, 5 May


Workshop "Continuity and Change in the Religious Field: Perspectives from Africa", 12-16 July


BIGSAS in Town 2010, 17 July


International Colloquium "Between Order and Instability: Cultures, Languages and Spaces in Transition in Africa", Université d'Abomey-Calavi, Cotonou, Benin, 20-23 September


Workshop "Documentary Matters", 9-23 November


Symposium "Adaptation to Climate Change in East Africa: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Science Research", Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya, 18-20 November





BIGSAS in Town 2009, 18 July

Conference "Living Partnership", 22-23 October


Concert by Dobet Gnahoré during "Living Partnership", 22 October


Workshop "Brother- und Sisterhood from an Anthropological Perspective", 5-7 November






Conference "Building Partnership", 3-5 July