The publication of the (online) journal BIGSASworks! appears in the series 'working papers' of the Institute of African Studies. Each volume contains miscellaneous thematic areas and this output of common or overlapping interests of the Junior Fellows offers a publication platform. Moreover, the different coordinators of the project are able to gain experience in editing, as the responsible persons change for each of the issues.


The issues of BIGSASworks!

Volume 7 (2011):

Women's Life Worlds 'In-Between'

Volume 9 (2012):

Trends, Discourses and Representations in Religions in Africa

Volume 10 (2013):

The Making of Meaning in Africa: Word, Image and Sound

Volume 11 (2013):

Challenging Notions of Development and Change from Everyday Life in Africa

Volume 13 (2015):

Actors, Institutions and Change: Perspectives on Africa

Volume 15 (2016):

Religion and Space: Perspectives from African Experiences

Volume 17 (2017):

Perspectives on Translation Studies in Africa

Volume 18 (2018)

Living in African Cities: Urban Spaces, Lifestyles and Social Practices in Everyday Life

Volume 23 (2019)

Gender and Social Encounters: Experiences from Africa