Last Steps at BIGSAS


Your responsibilities and duties at/for BIGSAS


  • Please fill in the Checklist when leaving BIGSAS and send it to BIGSAS
  • Please clean out your office/workstation (if you had one) and return the transponder/keys to the BIGSAS office
  • Please check your mail box at the BIGSAS office and take all contents with you
  • Please leave your room/apartment in an acceptable state


BIGSAS offers to you


  • An insight in your reviewer's reports before the defence (if applied to the chair of the examination committee and after the examination committee has decided upon the grade, see § 14 (6))
  • An insight in your examination documents after the defence (if applied officially to the dean, see § 19)


Publication of your thesis


  • Please be aware that you are obliged to publish your thesis within one year (Prolongation is only possible with an official application to the chair of the examination committee)
  • Find basic information about the publication in the BIGSAS doctoral regulations, § 21
  • After publication you will receive your PhD certificate, § 22