Affiliated Senior Fellows


Affiliated Senior Fellows comprise representatives of the Partner Universities who spend part of the year in Bayreuth and actively participate in the decision-making process at BIGSAS, colleagues from the ecological and engineering sciences who participate in the Research Areas as well as the professors emeriti (former BIGSAS Senior Fellows).


This table shows the Affiliated Senior Fellows of BIGSAS and their disciplines:



Prof. Dr. Ulrich BERNER

Religious Studies

Prof. Dr. Ruth FREITAG 

Process Biotechnology

Prof. Dr. Anke JENTSCH

Disturbance Ecology

Prof. Dr. Andreas JESS  

Chemical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Said KHAMIS

Literatures in African Languages 

Prof. Dr. Georg KLUTE


Prof. Dr. Thomas KOELLNER

Ecological Services

Prof. Dr. Dieter NEUBERT

Development Sociology

Prof. Dr. Achim VON OPPEN

History of Africa

Prof. Dr. Jonathan OWENS

Arabic Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Herbert POPP


Dr. Manfred von RONCADOR

African Linguistics 

Prof. Dr. Cyrus SAMIMI


Prof. Dr. Thomas SCHEIBEL