Junior Fellows

This is an overview of the Junior Fellows in BIGSAS and their respective research projects:

NameResearch Project
Abaker, Yousif Describing the Phonology of Warkimbee (Dilling, Kordofan Nubian) Language
Abeshu, Gemechu Adimassu Changing perceptions of land and territoriality from the point of view of the Afar people.
Abou Moumouni, Issifou L'Etat et les alternatives locales autour de l'offre des services de sécurité publique au Nord Bénin
Adera, Kairedin Legal Realities in an Ethnic Federal State: Local Modes of Dispute Settlement and Aspects of Legal Pluralism among the Siltie, Southern Ethiopia
Adisa, Morenikeji Gender and Marriage: An Exploration of Changes in Marital Relations in South Western Nigeria, 1914 – 1960
Agbele, Fortune To Vote or Not to Vote: Understanding the Ghanaian Voter
Ahmed, Azza Mustafa Place Identity and Urban Planning: the case of Tuti Island, Khartoum Sudan
Ahmed, Umar Gender in Media Discourse: Linguistic and Discursive Construction of Gender Identities in Nigerian Newspapers
Al Hadi, Abu Baker Ahmed Abdel Rahman Perceptions of Causes, Treatment Practices and Stigmatization of Female Infertility in Tamboul Town - Sudan
Alhassane, Najoum Abdourahamane Mariages et ruptures conjugales à Niamey
Alisch, Stefanie Angolan Kuduro: Duelling, Pleasure and Carga performed through Music and Dance
Arthur, Justice The Politics of Religious Sound, Religious Diversity and Conflict in Ghana
Ateh, Tafor Paul Audience Response to Cameroonian Films: The Case of Nina's Dowry and Jungle of Heirs
Augusto, Asaf Cassule Noe North to South Migration: Portuguese labour migration to Angola
Balogun, Adeyemi Sharapha Being a "Good Muslim": A Study in Identity and Culture of Yoruba Muslim Youth, 1954-2004
Baloi, Obede Suarte Accounting for post-conflict dynamics: the war to peace frame switch
Besigiroha, Linda Re-thinking Gender in Contemporary Uganda using the Comedy of Anne Kansiime
Böllinger, Sarah Visuelle Repräsentation von Behinderung in der Mittelschicht Nairobis
Bounakoff, Pierre-Nicolas Curators vs Humanitarians: a Kenyan Artist's Dilemma
Boutché, Jean Pierre Fula spoken in the city of Maroua (Northern Cameroon). A sociolinguistic insight into its use by non-ethnic speakers
Chembea, Suleiman Competing and Conflicting Power Dynamics in Waqfs in Kenya, 1900-2010
Degenhart, Barbara Changing Food Consumption Practices of the urban middle class in the mid-sized city context of Ethiopia - the example Mek'ele
Deutschmann, Anna Studenten als Akteure im politischen Wandel Afrikas. Eine vergleichende Analyse von Studentenbewegungen in Mali und Kenia
Diallo, Brahima Mothers’ and Babies’ Healthcare: Exploring Childbearing Practices and Newborn Babies’ Health Conditions in Ouenkoro, a Rural Community in Central Mali
Diman, Hanza Wood for the kitchen: towards a history of the supply and use of fuelwood in urban households of West Africa: The case of Lomé (from 1884 to the present)
Dittmann, Julia Dekoloni(ali)sierung / Dekonstruktion des weiß-weiblichen Blicks. Entwicklung rassismussensibler Strategien für eine dekonstruktivistische Filmanalyse
Djiala, Diderot Sensibilisation contre le VIH/SIDA au Cameroun: Analyse sémiolinguistique des affiches
Donko, Kamal Territory, Identity and politics in a frontier zone: the case of central Benin
Doumbia, Lamine Le foncier urbain à Bamako / Mali - Processus dans l'impasse et diligence des acteurs face à l'équation
Drabo, Adama The pragmatic and textual dimensions of French in Côte d'Ivoire
Esene Agwara, Angiachi Demetris Assessing Rural Multilingualism in Lower Bafut, North West Region of Cameroon
Frempong, Raymond Three Essays in Development Economics
Fulela, Brian Post-apartheid Subjectivities: Psychoanalysis and/in Place in the Novels of K. Sello Duiker, Kgebetle Moele and Sifoso Mzobe
Greven, Katharina A Place of Belonging - The 'Phantasy Africa' within the Archive of the European Art Patrons Ulli and Georgina Beier
Hänisch, Valerie Arbeiten mit Leib und Seele: Handwerkliche Arbeit und Arbeitsweise der Inadan Tuareg im Niger.
Hanif, Mohammad Debating Sufism: Tijaniyya Responses to Their Opponents
Hansine, Rogers Justo Mateus Fertility transition in Maputo and the urban milieu
Hollstegge, Julian Geographies of border-making in South Sudan's southern borderlands
Ibrahim, Musa Media, Religion and Public Sphere: Religious Contestation between Hisba, Censorship Board, and Local Film Practitioners within the Northern Nigeria Sharia Context
Igwe, Leo The Witch is not a Witch: The Dynamics and Contestations of Witchcraft Accusations in Northern Ghana
Issaka-Touré, Fulera Islamic Constructions of Gender in Accra: The Role of Islamic Religious Authorities in Mediating Marital Conflicts
Janßen, née Schütze, Jaana Migrants' networkings as places for enacting difference and sameness. Somalis in Finland and Germany (working title)
Kamdem, Eliane A description and comparison of the tense-aspect systems and verbal negation in ten Bamileke languages
Kenne, Jocelyne Language and Interaction in the Chinese Community in Cameroon: A Sociolinguistic Profile
Kimani, Rose Players, production processes and participation in Kenyan community radio
Kinyera, Paddy Banya Politics of Oil in Uganda: Assessment of Multi-stakeholder Participation in Resource-Governance
Kopecka, Tina Ziva Hindu Temple Ritual Worship in Durban, South Africa
Kyereko, Daniel Including the Marginalized: the Case Of Children Of Migrants And Education In Ghana.
Lehmann, Fabian Die Pluralisierung der Erinnerung – Deutsche Kolonialgeschichte in Afrika in der Gegenwartskunst
Liggins, Arlena Technology Matters - Unraveling the entanglements of diabetes diagnostics in Uganda
Materna, Georg Souvenir Vending in Senegalese Tourism: Groups, Work and Organisation
Maurus, Sabrina Zwischen staatlichen Bildungsbemühungen und agro-pastoraler Lebensweise: Eine ethnographische Studie zu Schülerinnen und Schülern in Südäthiopien (An Ethnographic Study of Agro-Pastoral School Children and Youth in Southern Ethiopia)
Mbobda, Larissa Imagination der afrikanischen Migration in zeitgenössischen Filmen
Mekonnen, Mulugeta Transnational Migration-Development Nexus: The Role of Ethiopian Immigrants in Germany as a Development Actor
Memusi, Shillah Sintoyia Participation and the Cultural Politics of Space: The Case of Kenya's Maasai Women
Mignano, née Triviño Cely, Diana Carolina Liebe, Verliebtheit und Sexualität im Kontext der Prostitution in Diego Suarez (Madagaskar)
Mildner, Carsten Learning to be deaf in Benin
Mohamed, Ghousmane The perception of natural milieu among the Kel Ewey Tuareg of the Aîr (Niger)
Mohammed Ali, Rami Pursuing Order on Sudanese Hinterland Roads: An Ethnography of Travel Communities.
Moyo, Charles Media Images and the EU Foreign Policy in Africa: The Zimbabwean experience
Mtata, Kupakwashe Religion and Nature: The Case of Matobo National Park and its Vicinity
Müller, Sebastian Islamische Wohltätigkeit und glaubensbasierte Organisationen (FBO) - Motive und Aushandlungsprozesse muslimischer Akteure in Ost-Afrika
Muhire, Blaise Land, identity and power conflicts in North-Kivu (DR Congo)
Muller, Alan What If ≠ What Is: Speculative Fiction As a Mode For South Africa In The New Millennium?
Nambula, Katharina Female Identity between Passivity and Agency, Contemporary Fiction by Ugandan Women Writers
Ngum, Yvette Cultural dynamics and use of video in mediating Anglophone Cameroon Identity
Ofuatey-Alazard, Nadja Ein lebendiges Archiv afrikanisch(-diasporisch)er dekolonialer In(ter)ventionen: Kulturproduktion, Akademie und aktivistische Kulturvermittlung
Oyali, Uchenna Paul Bible Translation and Language Elaboration: The English to Igbo Example
Prempeh, Claudia Powering Ghana? "Dumsor", a study of electricity and its absence
Raia, Annachiara A critical edition of the Hadithi ya Yusuf ('The story of Joseph') and a study of its adaptation on the Swahili coast
Reich, Hanna Lena Perceptions of the night in Nairobi, Kenya
Riahi, Idris The Modernity of Witchcraft in the Ghanaian Online Setting
Riley, Taylor 'That's not who I am': the production of knowledge about women who love other women in contemporary KwaZulu-Natal
Sackey, Emmanuel Dynamic Tensions, Civil Society and Development of the Disability Rights Movement
Saibu, Ghadafi Political Parties, Violent Youth and Electoral Insecurity
Sarre, Johanna 'Some call it slum, we call it home' - Ethnicity and belonging among the Nubi, Kibera, Kenya
Scaglioni, Marta Blacks at the border between Libya and Tunisia: an historical anthropology
Schwarz, Fabian Sustainable bioenergy and biofuel potentials from agricultural crops and residues in Uganda and Tanzania
Seye, Mbaye Senegalesische Filme im Mediascape: Moussa Sène Absas Filme Madame Brouette und Yoolé
Solitoke, Essoham The Use of Memory Discourse and Practice of Legitimation. The Case of Local Authority among the Lokpa of Northern Dahomey/Benin and Togo, 1898-2010
Stasik, Michael Station Ventures: Road Transport, Roadside Economies and Urban Hustle in Ghana
Stoppok, Manfred "Strom ist gelb - Energie ist grün? - Energiekonsum und Energiekultur in Kenia" (Energy Culture and Consumption among Kenyan Middle Classes)
Šváblová, née Dunajová, Alžběta Actor interaction and institution-building in post-war Liberia
Talento, Serena Conceptualising literary translation and its discourses within the Swahili experience
Tandia, Aboubakr Modernity, Islam and Peace in Independent Senegal: The dynamics of the role of Islamic authorities in peace building and conflict prevention and resolution (1962 - 2012)
Voigt, Maike Soziale Mobilität von Unternehmern der Mittelschicht in Kisumu, Kenia
Wachira, James Nonhuman Matter(s) in the Figuration of Ecocultural Knowledges: A Comparative Reading of Selected Lamalic Poems of Samburu and Maasai Women of Doldol
Willers, Julia About soil and water conservation measures, dams and God: adaption to climate change in Ethiopia between different actor-networks and narratives
Zöller, Katharina 'The Manyema Connection': Islam, mobility and urbanity in eastern Congo and Tanganyika, 1910s to 1950s